Apsara Just Outcaked Sandy Lane

Tea at Apsara Barbados

Apsara is the restaurant in St Lawrence Gap that has an Indian menu as well as a Thai menu… And both are outstanding. Check the website for their full review and you will read about the dinner.

For now, we have big news to concentrate on. Tea for Two has started this month and everyone should pay attention. Marie, the brains behind this cake-child, decided it was high time that tea was done properly. It’s a sweet and savoury affair where plate after plate opens your eyes, raises an eye-brow and slows your chewing.


What used to be an egg sandwich has been spiked with masalas and coriander to give it an edge it has never had. The bread on its own was worth a conversation. Then we had a Harra Bharra Roll which served in a spinach roll or the Chicken Pav which was served in an awesome tomato bun.
The truth is that this wasn’t the end. There was a chicken roti where we said again and again how balanced the spices were.
Good job, well done.


Let’s be clear. Cake is cake is cake. And then there is Apsara cake at tea. We have to start by stepping away from cakes that focus on toppings so that we can understand what makes these exceptional. The photo above is an orange cake with a salted caramel and pecans. The magic is the cake itself. It could have been a sardine and marshmallow cake and we would still have been just as stunned. This chef knows how to bake a cake. It was moist and fluffy and the caramel and pecan topped it off. We will add that tasting fresh pecans are quite rare, but not here.

Apsara Barbados

The lemon drizzle had the same magic to it and the zestiness to it was perfect. Then the scones. Never tasted scones so perfect… Except at home. Marie explained how she insisted on using real butter-milk and that comes across immediately. At first you ask yourself what it is that’s so different… Or even why you like it in the first place. Butter-milk. The clotted cream and the jam were fine just as they were and by the end of the three plates we discovered that it wasn’t the end.

The last plate was a selection of macaroons, mini apple crumbles and bite-sized passion-fruit cheesecakes. This is where the last plate earns its glory. The macaroons and apple crumble were nice. The passion-fruit cheesecake was an awakening of the taste-buds.

All of this to say that no hotel can produce cakes as homemade and as genuinely perfect to the core until the chefs stop trying to be chefs and remember that tea time is a homely occasion where it’s about a mother’s touch.

Their selection of teas is surprising and the loose teas that they use are excellent. They even serve Himalayan Peaks for some of their blends. We championed their selection in the March issue and we are going to continue here.

$150 for two people is literally half the price of tea at Sandy Lane and with an ocean view like the one at Apsara, the south coast has just gained a new gem.

Served from 2pm Fridays & Saturdays

Apsara-Samudra, St Lawrence Gap
Reservations: +1(246)420-5454
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