Port Ferdinand

13 59 Pot Ferdinand Barbados

Bring a British chef to Barbados and give him too much control for comfort and expect results beyond your wildest dreams. There is no denying that as beautiful as Port Ferdinand is, it’s still eerily empty. Possibly the best dishes on this massive block of coral, that is Barbados,  13°/59° finally breaks through the glass ceiling of fine dining. Even the best places here seem to never reach Michelin-level standards because there’s very rarely any magic. Thank the Lord for 13°/59°.

Try the Lobster Grits or the Fried Chicken on Waffle at brunch to tickle your senses. Or the sourdough with bacon butter. Everything is executed to perfection. In fact we will add that you cannot leave without having tasted their 1359 Dragon Tea; it’s ice-tea with four spirits mixed in… It’s to die for. The wine-list is more expensive than it needs to be but if that’s the price to pay for perfection  so be it.


Port Ferdinand, Highway 1B
Reservations: +1(246)272-2020
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